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Stay Warm in Autumn: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

How I Packed My Folding Bike Into a 29-Inch Suitcase

I am a strictly minimalist, carry-on only, buy what you need when you get there type of packer. But recently I got a folding bike, the Downtube Nova. At $259 it’s one of the cheaper folding bikes available, but delivers on the basics and weighs only 24 pounds. I needed a bike in Portland, Oregon…

Tips for Taking Via Rail’s The Canadian, Sleeper Plus and Coach

The only cross-Canadian train, Via Rail’s The Canadian, isn’t anything like Amtrak. Yes, it crosses North America, and yes, it’s constantly delayed, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. For one thing, The Canadian is enormous, with 24 cars, and almost entirely one level (apart from the observation cars). For another, the staff is…

Tips for Taking Long-Distance Amtrak Trains, Sleeper and Coach

These days, long-distance American train travel is for dreamers. And by dreamers I mean sentimentalists, luddites, retirees, writers, readers of historical fiction, train buffs, honeymooners, world travelers, last-minute travelers, and people who feel strongly about security theater. You don’t take the train to go somewhere, because flying would be much faster. Buses are cheaper. Driving…

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