After the sunrise at Alishan, Taiwan

  • Friday 11:36am: Took High Speed Rail train from Taipei Main Station to Chiayi (arrival 1:02pm). You can book HSR tickets online at
  • HSR Train in Taiwan

  • Friday night: Explored Chiayi (try their famous turkey and rice bowl) and stayed overnight at a hostel walking distance from the station.
  • Chiayi, Taiwan

  • Saturday morning: Reserved a bus ticket (paid with EasyCard) and then caught the bus to Alishan from Chiayi HSR station. It's an extremely bumpy, winding ride (2.5 hours). There's a toilet stop, and a stop to pay the entry fee. Read more about the bus ride here.
  • Bus from Chiayi to Alishan

  • Saturday: Reached the Alishan visitor's center, where the shops and luggage storage are. Left my bag and picked up lunch at the 7-11. Then took a shuttle van up to a train station and hiked the recommended trail from there to another station. Took the forest train back down. Tasted and bought Alishan's famous tea and then loaded up on cash and food at 7-11.
  • Cloud Sea View at Alishan

  • Saturday night: From the 7-11 caught the bus to 53.1 at Anding to reach a backpacker inn I'd made a reservation at.
  • Sunday morning: Got up around 6 to catch the sunrise. Then caught a bus to Chiayi station, then another bus to Chiayi HSR station, and the train back to Taipei.
  • Sunrise at Alishan, Taiwan

Trip taken December 2015.